Develop 2D and 3D moulds, using up-to-date CAD tools
Skilled technicians, and a work force managed by an experienced leadership
Quality tools, built with the goal to achive a long-term relationship with our customers
Our final products speak for them-selves. Best tools for the best clients.
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INEXmould is a international management company with 25 years of experience in mould-building, and works with several mouldmakers in Marinha Grande - Portugal.
Its main activity is assure that the produced tools are according customer's specifications, and has also is own tool shop which is dedicated to technical moulds and for that reason can easily and promptly give an efective answer to its clients demands.
So, more than a tipical trading company, INEXmould is a producer with a commercial background and technical skills, and all the projects, either inhouse or outsourcing, are followed by engineers with several years of experience allowing customers relying and be confident with the progress of the work.